A journey to a 

better you

is a journey worth taking.

Trauma, distress, substance abuse, anxiety, or depression may have you feeling like hope isn’t possible. The good news is, your current circumstances do NOT define you. You deserve to live fulfilled with hope, purpose, and clarity. I can help you get there.

monique beckford trauma counselor

Hi, I’m Monique Beckford.

Welcome to A Place Where Hope Lives. I’m Monique and I’ve spent years working with adults to achieve restoration in their lives through personalized treatment, faith-based counseling, and unrelenting compassion. Life changes can be scary and unsettling – but having an experienced, educated, and compassionate counselor in your corner can make all the difference. I’m personally committed to helping you not only survive, but thrive. Get in touch with me today, and let’s create a plan to move your life forward. (Learn more about me.)


“Monique Beckford is an excellent clinician. Having the pleasure of working with her, I have seen the impact that she has on clients even long after their last interaction. The tools that she equips her clients with shows her vast knowledge, skills, and experience. Moreso, her impact is beyond what can be taught. Her spirit draws clients in and allows them to open up like never before. She has the ability to see past what is being said and pick up on what’s going on; beyond what the client can even see and understand. It is this gift that allows her to impact her clients like no other.”

Ayanna Facey, LMHC

Hope is available for anyone experiencing:


Trauma or Distress


Substance and Alcohol Abuse


Anxiety and Depression


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Domestic Violence


Bipolar or Mood Disorders

Together, we will create and implement solutions for your life that will decrease your stressors and better equip you to handle the situations in your life.

Solutions may include:


Relaxation and self-regulation techniques


Talking through scenarios as they arise


Practicing coping skills


Re-writing your inner dialogue


Reading self-help materials

Work with me


About Monique

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